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We are happy to share upcoming JERONIMO Screening dates in different cities: 미주에 계신 한인 여러분, 아래와 같이 헤로니모 상영회 스케줄을 공유합니다! 1) NEW YORK - KAFFNY - This Sunday, October 20 at 1:30PM - @ Anthology Film Archives 32 2nd Ave New York, NY - (30% Discount with code: JOSEPH30) 2) Washington DC - Korea Economic Institute (DC Premiere) - Next Tuesday, October 22 at 5:30PM - @ KEI Conference Facility 1800 K St, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20005- (FREE EVENT) 3) Atlanta - KAC Metro Atlanta, Southeastern Korean School Association, Re'Generation Movement (South Premiere) - Next Sunday, October 27 at 5PM - @ Studio Movie Grill 3850 Venture Drive, Duluth, GA - 4) Los Angeles - USC - Wednesday, November 6 at 4PM - @ USC (Classroom TBD) - (FREE EVENT) 5) San Diego - SDAFF (SD Premiere) - Saturday, November 9 at 3:10PM - @ Ultrastar Cinemas Mission Valley - 6) Toronto - Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (Canada Premiere) - Sunday, November 10 at 2:30PM - @ TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema 3 (OT, Toronto) - 7) Philadelphia - Philly Asian American Film Festival (PA Premiere) - Saturday, November 16 at 4:15PM - @ Asian Arts Initiative 1219 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA - 8) Seoul and Korea - Theatrical Release - November 21, Nationwide - more on this! Director Joseph will be at all screenings except for #7. We hope to see you so mark your calendar! TEAM JERONIMO

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선한 영향력 아~주 칭찬해! 👏👏👏 ​ #그날바다 #눈길 #김복동 가수 #이소은 이 OST 참여한 #헤로니모 까지! 스타들의 재능기부로 더욱 사랑받은 영화들! ​ <헤로니모> 11월 대개봉

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JERONIMO is Officially Selected at this year's KAFFNY (Korean American Film Festival in New York). Moreover, I was informed that if you purchase a ticket to JERONIMO for Oct 20 screening now, you will also get a free ticket to "Parasite" - the Canne Grand Jury film - at IFC theatre in New York this Sunday. Yes - it's a 1+1 deal. :D RSVP: 헤로니모가 올해 뉴욕한인영화제에 공식 선정되었습니다. 더 좋은 뉴스는, 10월 20일에 상영되는 헤로니모 영화티켓을 내일까지 구매하신다면 이번주 일요일 (10월 13일) 뉴욕 IFC 극장에서 봉준호 감독의 "기생충" 티켓을 무료로 준다고 합니다. 아래 링크에서 구매하고 두 영화 보시면 좋을듯 하네요! RSVP: